Unique Programs We Offer

Bodhi Suspension System®by Balanced Body 

 A dynamic, whole-body suspension system that challenges

core strength, flexibility and proprioception. 2 independent

ropes provide 4 unique suspension points allowing for FULL

body suspension!

MOTR®by Balanced Body

MOTR combines the comfort of a foam roller with the

challenge of three weight level resistances, giving you a

challenging and incredibly diverse workout tool.

CoreAlign®by Balanced Body

The CoreAlign is designed to improve posture, balance

and functional movement patterns. CoreAlign brings the

mind-body, rehabilitation and fitness worlds together in

one unique apparatus which puts the fun in functional! 

(CoreAlign is done as a One on One or duet session only)

Arcus™ By McEntire

Arcus is an exciting new piece of equipment and training

course. Arcus creates a space that allows exercises and

movements to be performed with greater ease. This

freedom of movement provides more functional and

efficient movement patterns in the joints, muscles and

body as a whole.

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