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Getting Started With Pilates

Prior to your first session with re:VIBE Pilates, be sure you've filled out your new client paperwork on our website locatedhere.


What will my first Pilates initial session be like?
You will first be asked to fill out a client intake form that asks you various questions concerning your health, exercise history, and reasons for seeking us out. Your instructor will then go over the information and get an idea of your goals. You'll do a quick review of the equipment and you'll start right away with some movements that are going to be specific for you. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes. Nothing too baggy, or too tight. We need to see your form, but want you comfortable also. We are a Sock Only studio, so all feet must be covered by socks. We prefer grip socks (which are available for purchase in the retail area) as they keep you stable and secure on the equipment and don't slip like regular socks do. Please bring a towel in case you sweat, and most importantly bring any questions you have!

Will I get individual attention?
At re:VIBE, we are all about the individual! Some studios offer a huge class schedule with lots of equipment. At re:VIBE, we do Personal sessions and small group (typically 4 to 8 people) classes. We believe that the individual attention assists our clients in achieving their goals safer. Personal & duet equipment sessions allow us to tailor your session around your needs with appropriate levels of difficulty. Pilates focus is on form, alignment, & accuracy. There is no better way to get all of that than with a personal or duet session.

What makes re:VIBE Pilates different from other studios?

First of all, our focus is on high quality instruction. We are the only Authorized Balanced Body Pilates® Training Facility in South Florida! Balanced Body is a contemporary school of education, which means we have learned the classical works of Joseph Pilates (the exercises he created), as well as applying the updated scientific principles and exercises that have been created from his elders and well respected Physical Therapists from around the world. All of Balanced Body educational programs highlight movement principles that are universal to the way the body moves, strengthens and heals. These principles incorporate the most up-to-date biomechanical theories of movement and exercise science. We spend time focusing on quality movements, and ensure you learn the principles that Pilates was built on, rather than just a "killer" workout.  We will make sure you're safe, educated and leave feeling balanced and better than when you walked in! Our instructors have an immense amount of education and experience, in fact our studio has some of the most educated teachers in South Florida. Erik and Patti are both highly respected educators within the Pilates and Fitness industry, and bring their wealth of knowledge to all of the clients that pass through the doors to the studio.

Who can do Pilates?
With the assistance of a qualified instructor, nearly anyone can do Pilates! We have worked with people from all walks of life from young adults to 85 years young, and  all different physical issues. When working with an instructor either one-on-one or in a small group setting, your own personal needs & physical attributes are taken into consideration when developing a program design.

How many times a week should I do Pilates?
If Pilates is the only form of exercise you are doing, than 2-4 times a week is great. If you are very active and exercise 4-5 times a week, then 1-2 Pilates sessions a week will enhance what you are already doing. Every person has different needs, time constraints, and financial situations. Doing something, even once a week, is better than doing nothing at all!

Will I tone up and lose weight with Pilates?
Pilates is a great addition to any weight loss regimen, but it is not designed for "weight loss" itself. Pilates can help to tone and strengthen your body, but as with any exercise routine, it is not the only answer. Eating a healthy diet, making lifestyle changes, seeking professional help when you need it and of course, exercise, are just a few of the components of a successful weight loss regimen.

Is Pilates an aerobic exercise?
Cardiovascular, or “aerobic,” exercise is any exercise that increases your heart rate, keeps it at a steady state and works your lungs. While not typically categorized as cardiovascular exercise, Pilates can up your heart rate. When a certain proficiency is achieved, the client can move through the exercise sequences continuously, it can raise your heart rate for sure! We do offer some programs that have a cardio aspect to them such as MOTR, Bodhi Suspension System and our BOSU classes.

Why is it called "mind-body" exercise?
Joseph Pilates believed “strong mind, strong body.” The brain and the body must work together to achieve strength, balance and health. Pilates is not an exercise that you can zone out on. Concentration, focus and control are a necessary part of your workout. Besides, it's much more fun and engaging to get your mind involved with what you are doing!

Will I bulk up doing Pilates?
No! Pilates is known for creating long lean muscles and a balanced strength.

Do men do Pilates?

Absolutely! Joseph Pilates was a man, and his exercise system was originally created for men. We have a number of male clients we train in all age ranges! The exercises are invigorating for anyone: male or female!

What is the difference between Mat-work and the Equipment?
Joseph Pilates developed exercises for the mat to strengthen your core, or as he called it, your powerhouse. When working on the mat, you use your own body weight and gravity as resistance, and is extremely challenging. The Pilates equipment was developed to add resistance to the movements with the use of springs; sometimes they make the exercise more doable, sometimes much more challenging! These springs mimic closely a muscular contraction. The Reformer, the Cadillac (or trapeze table), the Combo Chair/EXO Chair/Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barrel, the Spine Corrector or ARC, the Pedi-Pole, Foot Corrector and other small equipment make up the equipment that Joseph Pilates developed. All are great ways to build your strength, balance, flexibility, body awareness, control and help to create a Balanced Body!

Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant?
The ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists) has set guidelines for exercise and pregnancy. The rule of thumb is not to start a new exercise routine when you are pregnant. If you were doing Pilates before you became pregnant, than you can certainly continue so long as you and your physician feel there are no other complicating factors in your pregnancy. Your routine may change a bit as you progress and one of our certified instructors will to tell you which exercises are not recommended in each trimester. Our pregnant clients appreciate Pilates stretching and breathing and it keeps them strong for when baby arrives!

Any questions we didn't cover? Please contact us! We'll be happy to answer.